Nurturing Nest Offerings to Your Soul

Creation is not complete without you. If you Exist you Deserve to Exist. You Deserve to be who You Are as fully as you can – Bashar

Magdalene Soul Healing – An Ancient Goddess Healing Art.

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We all have chosen a time and space to enter Earth, so we could learn certain lessons necessary to our Soul Evolution and the Evolution of Human Consciousness. Soul Astrology is a powerful and empowering tool, to understand the map of your destiny. “As Above So Below”. There is no fate in this dimension, only free will. Having the knowledge of where you come from, your past lives, what you mastered, the lessons to learn in this lifetime and your Soul Magnetic North (North Node) which is Your Soul Calling is key to being the conscious creator you came here to be on Planet Earth raising your frequency to the vibration you choose to incarnate on Earth for your happiness and peace, thus assisting the ascension of Gaia, serving your true purpose. It is quite fascinating, humbling and healing when you allow yourself to receive such informations from your Soul. You create a direct connection with your Soul and that is the most healing relationship you can ever experience. Then it is for you to decide if you wish to step fully into your soul purpose and take responsibility for your human life as a Spiritual Being, assuming your role of a conscious creator and leader of the Golden Age.

“You have not come here to make a choice, you have come here to understand why you made that choice”

Gaia Earth Star had many lifetimes in Tibet where she was initiated to the healing science of Astrology from the Heart of the Goddess. It is her blessing to share her ancient knowledge and channeling from the Stars, Angelic Realms and the Heart of Mother Earth, the Goddess herself assisting you in unveiling your Soul Purpose and empowering you to commit to your Life Purpose, creating your Dream here on Earth. Gaia holds an unconditionally loving, nurturing and safe space for you to connect to your Soul, rooted in the Heart of our beloved Mother Goddess, Mother of All. 

“Allow yourself to come home to Love. It is safe. Love is You.”

Heart of the Mother Magdalene Message & Blessing

Would you like to receive a channeled message and blessing from the Heart of Mother Goddess to empower you to be your Authentic Ascended Soul Self? This Goddess offering is a direct Heart Transmission from the Great Mother through Gaia, Magdalene of the New Earth, which has for intention to assist you to fully step into your Soul’s Mission as you ascend to the 5th Dimensional New Earth of the Golden Age!

Allow yourself to be surprised by the Great Mother as Gaia delivers to you this special Heart of the Mother message and blessing. Open to receive! The Gift is in Receiving

Heart of the Mother Magdalene Blessing & Message

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Magdalene 5D Soul Healing

Magdalene Soul Healing 5D Energy Transmission – Healing through the Grace, Wisdom and Unconditional Love of the Sacred Divine Feminine <222

Open your Heart and allow yourself to become the embodiment of Heaven on Earth. I AM THAT I AM <444 Read more details HERE

Magdalene Soul Healing 

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Soul Mastery Reading - Coming into Self-Mastery


Gaia, as a Spiritual LIGHT-Temple of the 5D New Earth, will tune into your Soul Astrological Blueprint, channeling wisdom and healing Heart energies from the Heart of Mother Goddess, the Source of All, activating your cellular memory and DNA, supporting you in releasing, transforming and transmuting what no longer serves you and is you, freeing you from any self-limiting beliefs, supporting you to step into your Divine Life’s Purpose as your True Self to create the life your Soul has come here to experience, living in your Heart as a conscious co-creator of the New Earth. Gaia will also suggests Crystals, Essences, Yoga-Meditation to assist your Ascension process. Are you ready to Ascend to the New Earth of the 5th Dimension? Then this Soul reading is for you!

Gaia offers this unique Goddess Magdalene Heart and Soul Energy Transmission to empower you to become the greater version of yourself in service to All, in this dimension and beyond! Time is NOW!

This soul reading comes with mp4 “Pleiadian Diamond Heart Stargate” guided meditation, a powerful transmission to align you with your Soul Purpose

Audio recording will be sent to your email address via dropbox after the soul reading.

(Please kindly be patient with the scheduling of your soul reading as Gaia can only commit to a limited amount of soul readings per month, trust your divine soul timing)

Soul Mastery Reading 60min via Skype

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Soul Mastery Reading 60min in Person

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What people say….

  • It is with greatest gratitude that I receive this energy exchange through the Goddess Ascension Stargate, as it has created daily reminders to live my life up to my fullest potential and with authenticity. It has been incredible what I have been manifesting, and what was impossible has become possible even in the darkest moments, just as Gaia has once wished that 'may all your wishes come true'. Thank you Gaia for being part of my story's unfolding and it has been a truly been a beautiful experience to realize, and re-realize your heart's desires.
    Carra Pei
  • I feel blessed to be included in the Goddess Ascension Stargate because it reminds me of Home. The love and guidance that you share continuously supports my soul and my growth. I always feel understood on my journey and empowered to continue.And there is a deep sense of joining and that I am known. Love, Marian
    Marian Ceideira
  • This is such a beautiful, supportive community that has connected me with aspects of my spirituality, and also my humanity, that I might otherwise not ever have discovered. What I most appreciate about the Goddess Initiation Stargate is that we are all encouraged to walk our own path within the family of light, to face our own realities; with honesty, compassion, and unconditional love. We are empowered to free ourselves, to move beyond labels, illusions and beliefs... Into the very Heart of Truth... the Truth of our own innate beauty and wholeness.
    Erin Kress
  • In my journey of life trying to find myself and what is next, I was introduced to Gaia Earth Star. She gave me a soul reading as if she wrote a book on my life. I was taken back and literally speechless with her words. I am grateful and blessed that my life has begun on a new journey after speaking with her. Thank you again Gaia
    Billy Horn
    Los Angeles
  • "The Soul Astrology reading I had with Gaia Earth Star was truly a profound experience. She told me things that I had always thought, even as a small child, but had never vocalized, reinforcing the importance of intuition as our truest guide. The map that my chart provided, gave me the affirmation and self confidence that I was lacking. Her style is subtle, but the energy exchange that occurs is vast and powerful. She is a pure channel and her neutrality in relaying information brought about a total surrender and a trust in the divine plan that I was seeking and previously resisting. It was as if our meeting dissolved all of my fears of the unknown, allowing me to completely accept that the journey is not about control, it is about opening the space for the flow and the opportunities that have been awaiting me. Since our meeting, I have felt a level of clarity, trust, balance, peace and knowing (or unknowing) that I did not even think was possible."
    Erica Marie Liscano
    Kundalini Teacher, Los Angeles
  • "When you see and speak to Gaia you know she is someone entirely different! Someone from a different evolutionary level, all together! The Light radiates from her Spirit, she connects to Cosmic channels, unaccessible for normal humans and starts "singing" the story of your life and mission on Earth! You can get goose bumps! Gaia is a one of those Light workers visiting Earth just to help and bring us Soul messages about our life. One of these rare Crystal Children, Gaia is a bearer of qualities which humans will develop in the future, but till then, souls like Gaia are here to guide the searching others!"
    Lada Duncheva
    Astrologer, London, UK
  • "Dear Gaia, Regarding my Soul Mastery reading, I wanted to say that your recorded transmission was very nurturing, loving, supportive, encouraging as well as empowering with very clear messages and helpful suggestions for my well being that I very much resonated with. It's also wonderful how you exude a sense of pure peace when you talk. It was entirely a pure validation of what I believe to be true in my heart, concerning my life purpose. Thus, there will now be so much less of a chance for me to disregard my own intuition and inner guidance. Your written report contained great detail, once again with advice that precisely suited my personal needs on every level...truly very helpful and a great aid in expanding self-awareness and promoting could return to it over and over again as it contains very useful knowledge on crystals, anointing oils and diet all specifically laid out in resonance to my own specific needs and personal essence! Your ability to tune in to one's energy field and vibration is very accurate!Thank you so much for everything! Infinite Blessings" 
    Evi Georgiou
  • "My soul reading with Gaia was a profound and beautiful experience. To hear the whispers of your heart being said back to you is an experience beyond any other. Gaia is a like a warm, loving, sister giving a voice to those soul desires that we feel too guilty or ashamed to follow or to express to others for fear of seeming vain or proud or selfish. I have had many readings in the past with various exceptional healers  but none that has touched so deeply and confirmed notions and beliefs I have secretly held since a child. The buzz words today are positivity and happiness but we neglect the crucial step of overcoming our shadows first. Gaia not only assists in uncovering these shadows -  without judgement -but also gives practical advice on how to overcome them. She is extremely insightful and knowledgeable and I have felt a deep sense of calm since my reading..mostly as a result of the re-awakening to a truth I knew as a child but had forgotten. If there is one thing you do for yourself this year - forget the vacation, trip to the spa or new pair of shoes - ignite your soul and feel more than that temporary high or relief!"
    Artist Singer, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • "Are you contemplating a soul reading with Gaia? Yes? I say dive right in! I am so happy that I did! Gaia has a true gift in reading the planets, the chart you chose at birth, and the meaning this holds for your life. I have had many astrological readings over the years and the reading with Gaia was very illuminating. I learned of aspects that had previously been unknown to me but made so much sense once Gaia revealed the information. Her wisdom and intuition are a true gift to any seeker of greater understanding of self and his/her role in the earthly realm. Thank you Gaia - I greatly appreciate you and your soul readings!"
    Rochelle Zanini
    Owner and Founder of Diamond Lotus Reiki
  • "Gaia has an innate understanding of the planets and how they affect the individual.  My reading with her not only confirmed the things I was feeling, but allowed me a deeper understanding of how the planetary influences were effecting these feelings.  The soul reading enabled me to have a more in depth knowledge about my process and the mission I chose for myself before entering this planet.  I would highly recommend Gaia if you are interested in the truth and understanding of the very nature of your being.  In fact, I have recommended her to many of my friends.  She’s the real deal."
    Cynthia Olivera de Kapp
    Owner, Spiritual Teacher and Aromatherapist at Wisdom of the Earth, Sedona AZ
  • "The prism of your reflections is like the grace of flower’s growth and its fragrance. I thank you for your guidance and thank you for teaching me the humbleness I was long mourning to receive. “I AM NOT THE DOER” I received the gift of intuition from Mother Gaia and I will use it fruitfully in thoughts, feelings and actions. THANK YOU."
    Gabriella Ciuca
  • "My Soul Astrology session with Gaia was both uplifting and insightful. Partly, it confirmed the longings of my soul, and that I am on my path. Our North Node discussion also challenged me and gifted me with insights on where I have yet to fully express my dreams and visions. Gaia is wise beyond her years and a very inspiring and talented astrologer and soul coach. For anyone at a crossroads in life, I highly recommend a session with Gaia to help guide you on your journey."
    Lisa Bryant
    aScentia-Bodywork for the Soul

Twin Flame Reading - Coming into Union


Twin Flame Reading – Heal your Relationship and experience Union within

This Twin Flame reading 5D transmission will assist you in creating a healthy, loving and harmonious relationship with your Twin Flame-I AM presence, and experiencing your relationship with Self and your beloved with more compassion, balance, clarity, joy and gratitude as you assist each other to grow emotionally and spiritually, being your authentic self. Gaia will work closely with Archangel Michael, Raphael, Chamuel, Raguel to assist you in healing any disharmony within and with your Twin Flame to strengthen and support your union in the physical on 5D Earth Gaia.

Twin Flame Reading 60min via Skype

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Twin Flame Reading 60min in Person

Soul Astrology Diet Report


This Soul Astrology Diet audio report will give you a suggested diet in alignment with your Soul Purpose. In Tibet, where Gaia Earth Star had many lifetimes learning the Art of Astrology, Astrological Medicine was widely used and this ancient healing tool is used by Gaia to empower you and assist you in your Soul Evolution. Mother Earth’s Queendom speaks and the Herbs and Plants are her gift to your Health. Receive it with a grateful heart!

We are physical beings and our body is our sacred temple. Tuning into your north node (Soul Destiny), sun (Your Consciousness), ascendant (Your Physical body) and moon (Emotional Body) sign, Gaia will recommend foods and nutrients ruled by those signs and planets that will best assist you in creating balance, health and empowerment in your daily life, embodying more of the qualities of your North Node Sign, your Soul Destiny. And thus, nourishing your Soul.

 We are what we eat.

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Crystalline Gong Soul Healing


Crystalline Gong Remote Soul Healing – Your Unique Soul Symphony

“Projection of the Gong is the Sound of Source, the Heart of the Goddess”. – Gaia Earth Star

Gaia has a very intimate and deep connection with the space of the Gong which she uses has a portal to the heart of the Cosmic Mother, also called Source energy where we all have sprung from. She has been assisting Souls around the Planet with remote healing sessions. Energy knows no boundaries and it is a blessing in those times of Ascension to be able to reach to all who desire to receive this soul transmission from Source aligning with their Soul Purpose. The gong is a portal of energy into multidimensional realities. Your 3D dimensionality is only one of many. As the portal opens unto the infinity of our own consciousness, of all there is and unity consciousness; high frequency crystalline vibrations penetrate through all layers of the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, infusing light into all the cells, molecules and DNA strands which are being activated. The lower density vibrations are transformed into light vibrations and integrated into our physical body, experiencing a self healing process, so we can hold more light within and beam that light in the world, creating a life of peace, balance, creativity and happiness for oneself and all there is, as we are one. The gong is a powerful assistant to guide us into 5th dimension, into the New Paradigm of Unconditional Love and Oneness on Earth and beyond…

Crystals are chosen, according to your natal birth chart, and set around the gong to enhance and integrate the healing taking place. Gaia prepares a personalized soul ritual (candle, mantra and invocation) to assist you in aligning with your Unique Soul Purpose all created from your Birth chart, your personal imprint in this dimension. Gaia will send you a short affirmation to repeat out loud 3 times before the remote healing begins. All you need to do for the healing to take place is to be open to receive. During the session, the gong becomes your cosmic birth chart and will download all the energies necessaries for your emotional, physical and spiritual growth. Gaia will acts as a channel to facilitate the cosmic transmission, which will be your own unique “Soul Symphony”.

After making your booking, please kindly send your birthdate, full and last name and anything you would like to be addressed during the healing to

Download Crystalline Gong Gaia Consciousness Meditation CD.

Crystalline Remote Gong Healing 11 min

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Crystalline Remote Gong Healing 22 min

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3 Crystalline Remote Gong Healings 22 min/each

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