March 2018

 “You have come to shine the Light of your Soul” – Gaia Earth Star

beaconoflight Gaia Earth Star

Awaken to your Soul Purpose and rebirth as a “Beacon of Light” on this Unique Paradigm Shifting Goddess Soul Retreat

with Gaia Earth Star in Sacred and Magical Sedona”

  Gaia Earth Star will take an intimate group on a unique 3-day and a half “Beacon of Light Initiation” Soul journey. A transformative, multi-dimensional and healing soul initiation journey, held by the Sacred Land of Sedona, where many have been called by the Goddess, Mother Earth, to awaken to their unique soul calling, including Gaia herself, assisting her Ascension and birthing of the Golden Aquarian Age.

Are you hearing the call of Sedona? Are you ready to awaken to your Soul Purpose and ascend to the 5th Dimension of

Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness,

serving as a “Beacon of Light”?

Pre-register here (space is limited)

“My Dear One, I am looking forward to this very special soul initiation with you in Magical Sedona. She awakened me to my Soul Purpose, connecting me to the Heart of the Goddess, and it is my blessing to serve as a guiding light for you to find your way home…and be a Beacon of Light in those times of Ascension on Planet Earth” – My Unconditional Love to you always. – Mother Earth Blessings – Gaia Earth Star

 Gaia will have other “Beacon of Light” guests, who also have answered the call of Sedona, sharing their own unique gifts to assist and empower you on this Soul Initiation journey. Crystal Skull Meditation, Shamanic Soul Healing Ceremonies, hikes in the vortexes, Gong under the Stars, Goddess journeys, Yoga, Qi Gong, Crystal Healing, Drumming and dancing to the Rhythm of Mother Earth, Pleiadian ChannelingHeart sharing, all to empower you to be the sovereign co-creator you came here to be in those times of Ascension. Gaia will offer soul healing and oracle readings to each soul throughout the retreat. If you are ready to love yourself unconditionally and remember the deep promises you have made with your Soul before incarnating; remembering you are Source in a human form, here on Planet Earth to assist the Ascension, this Initiation retreat is for YOU! The “Beacon of Light” Initiation will come to its apogee on the night of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra, where you will rebirth as the Beacon of Light that you are, rising again in this earthy life, in service to Humanity and the Goddess.

It is time to come home my Dear One…Your Soul knows the way…

(A soul reading with Gaia is required to participate in this event).

Ceremonies and Hikes in the Vortexes of Sedona


Meditation with Ancient Crystal Skull Ixchel


Connecting with our Star Families


Connecting with Mother Earth


Lots of gong and drumming


Kundalini Attunement and Soul Healing


Star Gazing and channeling...

Sedona Retreat Gaia Earth Star