Join the New Earth Ascension Transmission Series – Living as Your Higher Loving as Your Soul. Follow your Heart and sign up HERE 

Join the next Magdalene Goddess Women Soul Retreat in Glastonbury, Holy Isle of Avalon, on March 3rd 2017 details HERE

Join the Beacons of Light – Magdalene Soul Retreat in Peru, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Jan. 20-27th 2018, details HERE

Listen to Lemuria Rising Solfeggio Frequencies for Soul Healing and Ascension HERE and share the Love <444

For those who like to meditate and download from Higher Inner Dimensions, you have a large range of efficient 5D Pleiadian Meditations Activations at your convenience. Check them out at the link below:

To receive your 5D Activated Magdalene Crystal Skull, Goddess Crystal Heart or Tibetan Quartz Crystal blessed at Chalice Well Glastonbury, kindly email for pricing and availability. Read about how crystals can support and ease your Ascension HERE
Join the Goddess Ascension Stargate HeartLine New Earth Community to receive more Light Transmissions & Wisdom Teachings and other offerings in support of your Ascension and Sojourn on Earth GAIA

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