Sign up to the Kundalini Shakti Yoga & Meditation Online Classes HERE (via Crowdcast) First class begins on June 19th! (replay available anytime), next class on June 26th 6pm UK time

Join the next Magdalene Week End Soul Retreat July 21-23rd 2017 in Glastonbury, Holy Isle of Avalon. Details and sign up HERE before June 30th

Schedule your Magdalene Soul Pilgrimage, Awakening the Divine Feminine, in Glastonbury this Summer, email to book

Suggested Pleiadian Meditations for the New Moon Portal:

“Awakening to Your Compassionate Heart”“Venus Rose Heart Stargarte” , “Pleiadian Twin Soul Reunion”“Pleiadian Diamond Heart Stargate”, “Pleiadian DNA Cellular Healing from Past Lives” and “Crystalline Gaia Gong Meditation” for releasing-clearing old emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energies and for activation of cellular memory and overall rejuvenation

Listen to Lemuria Rising Solfeggio Frequencies for Soul Healing and Ascension HERE and share the Love <444

Receive your 5D Magdalene Crystal Skull or Goddess Crystal Heart activated and blessed at Chalice Well Glastonbury, kindly email for pricing and availability. Read about how crystals can support and ease your Ascension HERE

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