Bridging Heaven and Earth within your Sacred Heart

January 20th-27th 2018

An Inner Transformational Multi-dimensional Healing Unique Heart & Soul Journey within your Lotus Heart shared with your sisters at an Eco-Luxury Retreat with a stunning 7 Chakra Garden, in the Heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Answer the call of your Heart and the Sacred Land of Peru <333

“You have come to shine the Light of your Soul. Now is the Time” – Gaia Earth Star


Gaia at Machu Picchu on her Magdalene Pilgrimage June 2015

“Awaken or Re-ignite your Sacred Soul Purpose in service to Humanity, Deepen your bond with your Soul and the Beloved within, Heal your Past and rebirth as a “Beacon of Light” in union with your beloved I AM Presence within, in the Heart of the Incas Sacred Valley”

  Gaia Earth Star will take a group of sisters on a unique 8-day “Beacons of Light Magdalene Initiation” Heart & Soul journey. A transformative, multi-dimensional, healing and empowering journey, held by the Sacred Land of the Incas, where many have been called by the Goddess, Mother Earth, to awaken to their unique soul calling and-or deepen-strenghten their commitment to living in the Light as the Light, assisting your unique and our collective Ascension and birthing-embodiement of the Sixth Golden Aquarian Age within your Cosmic Human Sacred Heart <555

We will journey as group-collective holding the Twin Flame Blueprint of the I AM Presence-Beloved within ourselves, strengthening, deepening and anchoring the Twin Flame Frequency of unconditional love, oneness and unity within each and every one of us and at the Moon and Sun Temples – Sacred Sites we will be traveling to which includes Machu Picchu (Sun Temple) Huayna Picchu (Moon Temple), The Temple of the Moon and Sun in Cuzco, and for those who wish to continue the journey with us, the Temple-Island of the Moon and Sun at Lake Titikaka, Cosmic Star Portal <444

Journey to the Sacred Land of Peru with the intention to transmute all that no longer serves you or is you, shade your old snake skin and allow yourself to re-birth gently as the Light of Your Soul, as a Magnificent Child-Co-Creator of the Great Mother of All. Deepening your intimate and unique bond with your inner twin flame-beloved, re-energizing your unique sacred soul purpose. You are so loved, cherished and supported and a life filled with love, light, joy, peace, creativity, playfulness and more wonders awaits you on the other side of this profound spiritual inner journey of the Heart and Soul. Enter the 5th Dimensional Plane of your Sacred Heart and never look back <444

And so it is <999







The Sacred Valley of Urubamba where we will be staying


I, Gaia Earth Star, feel blessed and honored to be your soul guide as you embark on this inner journey of your Heart and Soul, of the Beloved, to blossom as the magnificent eternal being of Light that you are and inspire-support each other’s Inner Light to shine and blossom brighter than ever before. You are a Spiritual Angelic Being having a Human Experience and your Union as the beloved heals the world.

We will bridge the Heavens and the Earth within your Heart Jewel, supporting you in living-creating the life your Soul is nudging you to dare living as the Beacon of Light, Alpha and Omega united as ONE within, in service to Humanity <999

There is no limitations others than the ones we create.




Jesus & Mary Magdalene Beloved Blue Ray Twin Flames 


Magdalene Wisdom Teachings for Ascension and Enlightenment

such as The Art of Listening and Keys to Conscious Communication

Pleiadian Channeled meditation Light transmissions

Soul Healing and Energy Healing – Receive personal intuitive insight and guidance as well as energy healing throughout the journey.

Shamanic Fire Ceremonies – Offerings to Pachamama

Deep Heart and Soul Connection with Mother Earth Gaia and your sacred partner

Time in the magnificent and healing 7 chakra Garden Vortexes

Silent meditation in the garden daily & yoga to support your journey

Cusco – Navel of Mother Earth – Rebirthing within the womb of Mother Earth,

Light Transmission at the Temple of the Sun and Moon

Healing and deepening your union through the Grace and Wisdom of the Divine Feminine

Masculine-Feminine Energies Balancing & Union – The Twin Flame Path

Sacred Marriage-Inner Communion Earth Ceremony & Celebration

Connecting with the local peruvian community – children school visit and pisaq famous market

Journey to Machu Picchu – An Ascension & Star Origin Journey, connecting to the 7th Sisters of the Pleiades to strengthen your Union and re-ignite your Service to Humanity

Solar Baths in the magnificent Chakra Garden to prepare for the New Moon in Capricorn Ceremony

Healing Sounds Toning sessions to heal your emotional-spiritual bodies, awaken, clear and balance your chakra vortexes

Nourish with All Vegetarian-Vegan Gourmet Organic foods from onsite bio-garden

Garden eco-luxury rooms.

This retreat package also includes all transportations during the 8 day journey except for your flights to Peru. You will want to fly into Lima Airport and then take a short flight (45min) to Cusco, where a shuttle will pick us up.

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8 Days Goddess Soul Retreat 2555 GBP – 3330 USD (Payment must be sent in GBP, thank you!) 

A 888 GBP – $1091 deposit secures your space for this unique heart and soul adventure <333

Payment in Full must be received by September 25th 2017

If you have any questions, kindly email Gaia here

Gaia bathing in Solstice Beloved SunLight – Ra at Wilka T’Ica Chakra Garden on Solstice June 2015


Allow yourself to fall into the embrace of the Divine Mother, feeling her holding you throughout this inner journeying of the Sacred Heart. Healing old wounds, releasing the past with love and forgiveness, reclaiming your power as a sovereign co-creator, expressing your truth with confidence and wisdom, opening your higher intuitive centers, tapping into your infinite well of creativity and abundance. Enlivening and deepening your bond with your sacred partner and Manifesting your Soul’s Dreams and Desires together in service to Humanity. YES WE CAN! <333

It is time to come home to Thy Self…Your Soul knows the way…