Gaia Earth Star at Cathedral Rock Goddess Cosmic Stargate, Temple of Isis, Sedona

Photographer: Zia Zeff

Goddess Ceremony and Soul Retreat

with Gaia Earth Star

Gaia Earth Star, an embodiment of the Goddess Energy, loves to share Ancient Wisdom, Healing Sacred Sounds and BEINGness with those called to BEing and building-dreaming the New Earth which has for foundation Unity Consciousness, Unconditional Love and deep Inner Peace. She vibrates from the 5th dimension portal of the Pleiades, her Home StarNation, assisting souls to ascend to this dimension and from the Heart of Mother Earth, the Goddess in her planetary body, the great nurturer and healer, assisting to ground those 5th Dimensional Light Energies of the NEW EARTH within each Sacred Heart. It is Gaia’s joy and honor to meet and hold sacred space with her Family of Light all over the world, facilitating Sacred Goddess Earth Ceremonies for deep soul healing and Ascension and simply BEing together creating a powerful Heart Magnetic Energy Field.

If you feel a Heart Calling and wish to invite Gaia Earth Star to hold Magdalene Goddess Events, Soul Retreats and Earth Ceremonies in your country in support of Humanity’s Ascension process, please kindly email with your Heart intentions and details. Amen and so it is! <333

What people say about Gaia Earth Star…

“When you see and speak to Gaia you know she is someone entirely different! Someone from a different evolutionary level, altogether! The Light radiates from her Spirit, she connects to Cosmic channels, unaccessible for normal humans and starts “singing” the story of your life and mission on Earth! You can get goose bumps! Gaia is a one of those Light workers visiting Earth just to help and bring us Soul messages about our life. One of these rare Crystal Children, Gaia is a bearer of qualities which humans will develop in the future, but till then, souls like Gaia are here to guide the searching others!”

Lada Duncheva, Astrologer, London, UK

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