The Light of the Goddess has awakened on Earth

and the NEW EARTH is born, you are the New Earth!


“ Receive Goddess Wisdom Teachings from Gaia Earth Star

to assist your Ascension, stepping into your I AM presence, Living your Dream in a real practical way, in service to All in All Dimensions”

Anchoring the Sixth Golden Aquarian Age as the Family of Love and Light we are! “


Gaia Earth Star Goddess Ascension Stargate has birthed from the Heart of our Beloved Mother Goddess, to assist you in awakening to your I AM presence, Higher Soul Self, the wise, empowered, magical, healing and uniting force within you, activating the power of the Sacred Divine Feminine within you in devotion, humility and grace to serve all in the Galactic Ascension process we are undergoing with Mother Earth Gaia, the Goddess herself, being and building the New Earth from our Sacred Hearts and in your daily life <444

I, Gaia Earth Star, in devoted service to our beloved Mother Goddess-Cosmic Mother and Humanity, is honored and blessed to welcome you and hold the Heart & Soul space of this New Earth online community field of unconditional self-love and self-mastery for your Ascension, healing and empowerment, inspiring you to Live as your Higher Soul Self, shining the Light of your Soul unto All, in this dimension and beyond! To living with an Open Heart! I celebrate you! Thank you for answering the call of Mother Goddess, Mother Earth and your Heart & Soul.

Serve Thy Soul.

We are ONE.



  • It is with greatest gratitude that I receive this energy exchange through the Goddess Ascension Stargate, as it has created daily reminders to live my life up to my fullest potential and with authenticity. It has been incredible what I have been manifesting, and what was impossible has become possible even in the darkest moments, just as Gaia has once wished that 'may all your wishes come true'. Thank you Gaia for being part of my story's unfolding and it has been a truly been a beautiful experience to realize, and re-realize your heart's desires.
    Carra Pei
  • I feel blessed to be included in the Goddess Ascension Stargate because it reminds me of Home. The love and guidance that you share continuously supports my soul and my growth. I always feel understood on my journey and empowered to continue.And there is a deep sense of joining and that I am known. Love, Marian
    Marian Ceideira
  • This is such a beautiful, supportive community that has connected me with aspects of my spirituality, and also my humanity, that I might otherwise not ever have discovered. What I most appreciate about the Goddess Initiation Stargate is that we are all encouraged to walk our own path within the family of light, to face our own realities; with honesty, compassion, and unconditional love. We are empowered to free ourselves, to move beyond labels, illusions and beliefs... Into the very Heart of Truth... the Truth of our own innate beauty and wholeness.
    Erin Kress

Q&A on Angel Numbers & Numerical Synchronicities

Re-Unite with your Family of Light and Love Dear One! You Belong. You are Love in human form and we are deeply grateful for your coming home to Love within your own Sacred Diamond Heart Jewel.

Know that you are loved unconditionally and supported on your unique Divine Life Mission in magical, soulful, playful and grounded ways, in those exciting times of Human Ascension to the 5th Dimension of Unconditional Love, Unity, Peace, Joy and Infinite Possibilities!

Believe in yourself, be good to yourself and smile lots. You are precious and we care about you. Only you can dream your dream and anchor it in service to Humanity on 5D Earth Gaia You are a STAR! And so it is! – Gaia Earth Star

Quan Yin Lotus Heart 3 Months

kuan yin Goddess
Your Gaia Earth Star Quan Yin Lotus Heart Goddess-ship Includes:

– Awakening to your Compassionate Heart as an Initiation and welcome gift when you join this Stargate

– New Moon and Full Moon Priestess Alchemy with an in depth video Light transmission focusing deeper unto the astrological aspects of each Moon Cycles with a short guided meditation to harness the power of each Moon Cycles.

– Monthly Pre-recorded Ascension Q&A Gaia will answer your Ascension related questions. Please send your question related to Soul/Spiritual Growth, Ascension and Enlightenment to

– Gaia invites you in joining the “Violet Flame in Action Meditation” daily acting as a pillar of Light and Love, supporting your personal and our collective Ascension

Quan Yin Lotus Heart Goddess-Ship 3 Months

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