Magdalene Goddess Soul RETREAT

Glastonbury Isle of Avalon

July 21st-23rd 2017


 “The Goddess is calling you Home to True Love” – Gaia Earth Star

Awaken the Christ-Magdalene Blueprint within, heal and awaken to your Sacred Heart, shining the Light of your Soul, in service to Thy Light in those blessed times of Ascension guided by Mystic Visionary Avalon Priestess of the Sacred Heart, Gaia Earth Star, Magdala of the New Earth in Sacred and Mystical Glastonbury, the Sacred Heart of Mother Earth”


Morgan Le Fay, High Priestess of Avalon

  Gaia Earth Star is inviting you to join an intimate group of sisters on a unique 3 day “Magdalene Goddess Soul Retreat” journey of the Heart, at the time where we celebrate Mary Magdalene Feast Day and a transformative inspiring and fiery New Moon in Leo with Goddess Ceremony at Avebury, Cosmic Womb of Mother Earth Gaia <444

This Soul retreat is a transformative, multi-dimensional, heart opening and healing soul initiation journey, diving into the Mysteries of the Goddess, in her Holy Land, the Mystical and Magical Isle of Avalon, where many have been called by the Goddess and journeyed, awakening to their True Self, I AM presence including Gaia herself, assisting the Ascension and birthing of the Golden Aquarian Age within where all is ONE.

My Beloved Sisters, through this Magdalene Journey of the Heart, we will dance with the Goddess within and enter-journey into her Sacred Sites such as Chalice Well, the Tor, the White Spring, the Abbey and her Cosmic Womb Vortex-Stargate of Avebury. We will sing her Songs, co-create Sacred Space for Goddess Ceremonies for personal and collective Soul Healing. We will connect with our Star Lineage. We will meditate, do yoga and laugh plenty. We will share Heart to Heart as Sisters of Avalon, empowering and inspiring each other and I will throughout this sacred journey, along with the Archangels and Ascended Masters, act as a guiding light, a Well of Magdalene wisdom, healing and empowerment to support and nurture this very special Inner Journey for your Soul. You will also have time reserved to Self solely to allow smooth integration and exploration.

If you are meant to embark on this unique Goddess inner journey, you will feel the calling within your Heart and Soul as you read those words. Trust your divine timing and Intuition. Come join your sisters in a space of devotion, wisdom, surrender, grace and joy as Sisters and allow the Goddess who lives within your own Sacred Heart to share her Magic, Healing and Wisdom as she welcomes you on her Sacred Land, guiding you home to your Sacred Heart, united with your beloved God Aspect in an ecstatic Sacred Dance. Blessed are those who can hear and answer the call of their Soul!

“You are the New Earth AWAKENED” – Gaia Earth Star

Take your next empowered step on your Soul Sojourn on Earth Gaia and join us on the Holy Isle of Avalon. The energy exchange of the retreat is 377£

Pick up at Bristol Airport can be arranged as well with an additional 40£

Lodging and meals are not included in the price of the retreat. Gaia recommends to book a lovely B&B on and she also recommends Hillside B&B with Anna and TorDown Angel B&B with Cheryl and Michael

A 222£ deposit is required to reserve your love space on this magical journey <999 Send your deposit of 222£ or pay in full today HERE



Gaia at the Holy Well, Chalice Well Gardens

Are you hearing the call of Avalon? Are you ready to heal your Heart and ascend to the 5th Dimension of

Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness,

serving and shining as a “Beacon of Light” on the New Earth? Answer your Heart Calling today!

“My Dear Sister I am looking forward to this very special Magdalene Goddess Retreat with you in Magical Glastonbury, Isle of Avalon. Like Sedona, She awakened me to my Soul Purpose and my True Self, re-connecting me to the Heart of the Goddess within myself, and it is my blessing to serve as a guiding light for you to find your way home to your Sacred Heart in wholeness of your Eternal I AM presence…being a Beacon of Light in those times of Ascension, co-creating the New Earth together, honoring Mother Earth, the Goddess herself” – My Unconditional Love to you always – Mother Goddess Blessings from Avalon – Gaia Earth Star, I AM that I AM


It is time to come home my Sisters…Your Soul knows the way…

Ceremonies In Avalon


Magdalene Teachings

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Sacred Sites of Avalon


Magdalene Songs


Goddess Sound Healing

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Heart Sharing


Star Ceremony & Star Gazing


Love is Real, You are LOVE in human form

Gaia Earth Star