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What people say….

  • It is with greatest gratitude that I receive this energy exchange through the Goddess Ascension Stargate, as it has created daily reminders to live my life up to my fullest potential and with authenticity. It has been incredible what I have been manifesting, and what was impossible has become possible even in the darkest moments, just as Gaia has once wished that 'may all your wishes come true'. Thank you Gaia for being part of my story's unfolding and it has been a truly been a beautiful experience to realize, and re-realize your heart's desires.
    Carra Pei
  • I feel blessed to be included in the Goddess Ascension Stargate because it reminds me of Home. The love and guidance that you share continuously supports my soul and my growth. I always feel understood on my journey and empowered to continue.And there is a deep sense of joining and that I am known. Love, Marian
    Marian Ceideira
  • This is such a beautiful, supportive community that has connected me with aspects of my spirituality, and also my humanity, that I might otherwise not ever have discovered. What I most appreciate about the Goddess Initiation Stargate is that we are all encouraged to walk our own path within the family of light, to face our own realities; with honesty, compassion, and unconditional love. We are empowered to free ourselves, to move beyond labels, illusions and beliefs... Into the very Heart of Truth... the Truth of our own innate beauty and wholeness.
    Erin Kress
  • In my journey of life trying to find myself and what is next, I was introduced to Gaia Earth Star. She gave me a soul reading as if she wrote a book on my life. I was taken back and literally speechless with her words. I am grateful and blessed that my life has begun on a new journey after speaking with her. Thank you again Gaia
    Billy Horn
    Los Angeles
  • "The Soul Astrology reading I had with Gaia Earth Star was truly a profound experience. She told me things that I had always thought, even as a small child, but had never vocalized, reinforcing the importance of intuition as our truest guide. The map that my chart provided, gave me the affirmation and self confidence that I was lacking. Her style is subtle, but the energy exchange that occurs is vast and powerful. She is a pure channel and her neutrality in relaying information brought about a total surrender and a trust in the divine plan that I was seeking and previously resisting. It was as if our meeting dissolved all of my fears of the unknown, allowing me to completely accept that the journey is not about control, it is about opening the space for the flow and the opportunities that have been awaiting me. Since our meeting, I have felt a level of clarity, trust, balance, peace and knowing (or unknowing) that I did not even think was possible."
    Erica Marie Liscano
    Kundalini Teacher, Los Angeles
  • "When you see and speak to Gaia you know she is someone entirely different! Someone from a different evolutionary level, all together! The Light radiates from her Spirit, she connects to Cosmic channels, unaccessible for normal humans and starts "singing" the story of your life and mission on Earth! You can get goose bumps! Gaia is a one of those Light workers visiting Earth just to help and bring us Soul messages about our life. One of these rare Crystal Children, Gaia is a bearer of qualities which humans will develop in the future, but till then, souls like Gaia are here to guide the searching others!"
    Lada Duncheva
    Astrologer, London, UK