Gaia Earth Star

Avalon Priestess of the Sacred Heart

Spiritual Guide, Soul Astrologer, Pleiadian Goddess Magdalene Oracle of the New Earth!

“The Wound is the place where the Light enters You.” – Rumi



Gaia Earth Star is a Clear Light Pleiadian channel of Mother Goddess, Source Consciousness sent to Earth to assist the Shift of the Age unto 5D Consciousness where you become your I AM presence incarnated assisting the co-creation of Heaven on Earth, the Golden Age. Her Devotion and great joy is to serve the ONE COSMIC Heart of Mother Goddess to awaken within ALL, assisting the Ascension of all her Sisters and Brothers to the NEW EARTH where we remember we are ONE.

“I see you Blossom as the Magnificent Being of Light that you are!” – Gaia Earth Star

Her intimate connection to Mother Goddess, the Great Mystery, allows her to channel Goddess Wisdom Teachings and Healing Heart energies assisting the Ascension of Human Consciousness to the 5th Dimension of Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness, beholded by her beloved Star Family, the Pleiadians; which are great assistants in healing our Emotional Body and awakening our Kundalini, our Life Force, our own connection to Source Consciousness, Creation, Mother Goddess herself. Gaia Earth Star also channels from the sacred space of Unconditional Love which is rooted in the Heart of Mother Earth, embodying the Goddess as an Earth Goddess herself. 

As Avalon Priestess of the Sacred Heart, Gaia has the gift of telepathy, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairsentience. She truly is a mystic, as they named her “La Reina Mystica” in Peru, visionary of the Golden Age. She is a sensitive empath who can feel all in all dimensions. She also has the ability to tune into the akashic records guarded by Archangel Metatron, where the whole of Creation is recorded. Her psychic abilities are grand and she enjoys using her spiritual gifts and abilities to empower and inspire each soul on their unique Ascension, returning to the Sacred Heart of the Goddess within, Divine Unconditional Love! Gaia is known to be a 5D energy vortex of the New Earth of Unconditional Love, Peace, Harmony and Ecstatic Joy and Bliss, she is an experience as she likes to say!

Her channeled pleiadian guided meditations assists in integrating and grounding the increasing Light transmissions from the Galactic Mother Sun, the Heart of Mother Goddess unto Planet Earth and reconnecting to our true Star Origins and essence of Love and Light , thus assisting the Ascension of Gaia and all of her children. She is a knowledgeable Crystal keeper and Gong Channelercrystals and sound being key assistants to unlock blueprints, codes and memories stored into the human body, allowing you to remember your unlimited potential and living your dream as a spiritual being having a human experience on Planet Earth, the greatest school of life for Self-Mastery… 

She is honored to connect with each of you who are hearing the call of the Goddess within your Soul and assist you in this beautiful journey called human life, welcoming you unto the NEW EARTH! It is her commitment to intuitively guide you into fifth dimension consciousness, as she has chosen to be a Unique Spiritual Leader of the NEW EARTH, to pave the way into the Golden Aquarian Age, a dimension of unconditional love experienced through all that there is and beyond, a dimension where we remember We Are One, holding the equilibrium within of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, the Hieros Gamos. Heaven on Earth!

Gaia Earth Star has received BodiSattva Empowerment from Beloved XIV Dalai Lama and Manjushri Empowerment from Sakya Tringze Rinpoche. Tibetan Buddhism has been her path for many lifetimes. Gaia mastered the Goddess Healing Art of Soul Astrology in past lives spent in monasteries in Tibet. She brings that knowledge forth as a Soul Astrologer, guiding many to their Life Purpose, true happiness and inner peace.

She is beaming her Light and Love from her home in Glastonbury, the Holy Isle of Avalon, to all of you around the world and in all dimensions. All is ONE!

What people say about Gaia Earth Star…

“When you see and speak to Gaia you know she is someone entirely different! Someone from a different evolutionary level, altogether! The Light radiates from her Spirit, she connects to Cosmic channels, unaccessible for normal humans and starts “singing” the story of your life and mission on Earth! You can get goose bumps! Gaia is a one of those Light workers visiting Earth just to help and bring us Soul messages about our life. One of these rare Crystal Children, Gaia is a bearer of qualities which humans will develop in the future, but till then, souls like Gaia are here to guide the searching others!”

Lada Duncheva, Astrologer, London, UK

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In this interview, Gaia Earth Star talks about how Soul Astrology work to empower oneself in remembering one’s purpose on Planet Earth. She also talks about the 5th dimension Star family called Pleiadians, a consciousness of unconditonal love, which is assisting the ascension of humanity on Planet Earth, as the Goddess, Gaia, Mother Earth is rising. Your presence on Planet Earth at this time is not a coincidence…you have an important role to play in this 26,000 year shift, play the role of the sovereign co-creator that you are my dear Ones…you are your own Master!

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Message from Mother Earth (Gaia) to you

I am the Cosmic Spiritual Mother, the Goddess, I am the Vibration of Unconditional Love

I serve Thy Heart, your Heart, the One Sacred Heart

I touch your Heart, Hold Your Soul and Heal Your Spirit

I guide you lovingly as you rise up to your Soul Purpose here on Earth

Shining your Inner Light unto All

You Are the One You Have Been Waiting For

Your Consciousness holds the Key to your Liberation

Awaken to Thy Soul!

Amen, and so it is