Soul Readings

Soul Readings

 Now is the time to remember and serve your Soul purpose. Awaken to your potential with a soul reading 5D Activation. Living in your Heart as Your Soul on the New Earth Gaia.


Pleiadian Meditations

These pleiadian meditations will assist you in aligning with your Soul purpose, awakening your kundalini (life force), assisting your Ascension by empowering you to be a powerful co-creator, living your dream on the New Earth!


Gaia Wisdom Teachings

Gaia shares Goddess Wisdom Teachings from the Heart of Mother Goddess, Cosmic Mother of All, inspiring you to self-mastery, fulfilling your unique Soul Purpose in those times of Ascension, co-creating the New Earth!

Latest Video Forecast: Pluto Capricorn Full Moon – Close the Door to the Past & Welcome the New by Gaia Earth Star

Join the Daily Violet Fire Transmission

Simply invoke the Violet Fire by saying “I am ONE with the Violet Flame now” and allow the Violet Fire to transmute anything that needs to be transmuted. Trust the Intelligence of the Violet Flame. Simply receive, allow and breathe. 
Do this daily at 11am your local time till 11:11am. End with saying “Amen or And so it is”

Thank you for playing your part to help humanity’s Ascension and the building of the New Earth <444

  • It is with greatest gratitude that I receive this energy exchange through the Goddess Ascension Stargate, as it has created daily reminders to live my life up to my fullest potential and with authenticity. It has been incredible what I have been manifesting, and what was impossible has become possible even in the darkest moments, just as Gaia has once wished that 'may all your wishes come true'. Thank you Gaia for being part of my story's unfolding and it has been a truly been a beautiful experience to realize, and re-realize your heart's desires.
    Carra Pei
  • I feel blessed to be included in the Goddess Ascension Stargate because it reminds me of Home. The love and guidance that you share continuously supports my soul and my growth. I always feel understood on my journey and empowered to continue.And there is a deep sense of joining and that I am known. Love, Marian
    Marian Ceideira
  • This is such a beautiful, supportive community that has connected me with aspects of my spirituality, and also my humanity, that I might otherwise not ever have discovered. What I most appreciate about the Goddess Initiation Stargate is that we are all encouraged to walk our own path within the family of light, to face our own realities; with honesty, compassion, and unconditional love. We are empowered to free ourselves, to move beyond labels, illusions and beliefs... Into the very Heart of Truth... the Truth of our own innate beauty and wholeness.
    Erin Kress

Schedule a Soul reading 5D Activation with Gaia Earth Star

Thank you for stepping out of the 3D illusion into Unity & Oneness Consciousness of the 5D New Earth!

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Hello Beloved Ones,

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Personal Message - Letting Go of the Old, Birthing the New <333 -

With Love and Grace
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Can you feel it? As per brother Mooji, happy freedom! Love is you, love is me, love is we ✡️🌹💜 blessed bee 🐝 keep grounded and in your body throughout this new moon phase, all is well, your soul knows the way. Your sister in the light, Gaia ... See MoreSee Less

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Beloved Ones,

A cold has come upon me yesterday and as per the guidance of my soul priestess self I shall honour my needs for my body to rest and restore. We always meet in the Heart ❤️
where there is no time and space.

As a video transmission for this new moon I am sharing my soul priestess prayer and the writings of a soul sister Heather which I trust will reach to your heart and soul and inspire you to be true to thine own self and shine the light of your soul.

There is a beautiful energy of sweet surrender on this dark moon phase my sisters and brothers, surrendering all that is not aligned with our spiritual authentic light. Take this opportunity to go inward, pray, be in silence so you can hear and be the timeless wisdom that resides within your own cosmic human heart 💖 from an ancient past and in this present moment, today, we honour All Life on this auspicious Mary Magdalene Feast Day and ask for her healing love, blessing and deep peace to abide within all beings 🌹 amen and so it is ✡️

I send you my unconditional love always and the dove of peace 🌹- Gaia

Leo New Moon – July 23, 2017
This New Moon is in Leo, long known as the royal sign, the sign of leadership and spiritual power. Among the symbols found on the ancient stones on Easter Island is the shape of the glyph of Leo. It represents the Royal Escutcheon of the fabled lost continent of Mu in the Pacific. Its civilization is sometimes called ‘The Empire of the Sun’. Leo is associated with the Sun, the star at the heart of our solar system. Indeed we all move forward guided by our inner star, the creative spirit within our hearts. And we are all stars in this great cosmic drama. Apollo, the Sun God is related to Leo and is the most sublime of the Greek pantheon. Apollo’s famous shrine at Delphi displays the injunction “Man know thyself.” The Sun represents what lights us up, what fuels us, what opens our hearts and points the way to our spiritual purpose in this lifetime. We are now stepping into uncharted territory personally and collectively. Each one of us has a unique role to play to create a better world at this critical time on Planet Earth.

“In this world the wise person becomes themselves a light, pure, shining, free.” Buddha

With Leo emphasized at this New Moon, it is our opportunity to focus on our life’s journey as we move into the Golden Age. Gold is the color of Leo, representing all that is imperishable and immortal. It is the symbol of the hidden truth that is found in the silence of the heart, the ‘Silence that is Golden.’ Our Leo energy, above all other signs has the natural ability to access the love in our hearts and give it out to those in need. The time has come to express our light, our truth, the essence of our being around which everything else in our lives revolves.

It requires courage to listen to our hearts and a strong will to live our truth, to walk our own path, to resolutely keep moving forward to fulfill our life purpose, our dharma. As we open our hearts in love, we can live in tune with our divine essence, our inner source of strength. Our heartfelt desires lead us to our destiny. What makes our hearts sing? What lights our fire? Now is the time to embark on the tasks that truly make our spirit rejoice. What special gifts do we have to offer at this unprecedented time in the evolution of humanity?

“When hearts listen, angels sing.” St. Augustine

It is important to take some time around this New Moon to be with ourselves, to recall the times in our lives when we have felt most alive and happy and to deeply reflect upon what we are most grateful for. Gratitude opens the door to power, wisdom and love and tells the universe we are ready for more. We can use the dark of this New Moon to strengthen our inner-light. Light is always present in the darkest of times and places. This is an opportune moment to express love in every thought, word and action, to be love.

“Love is a state of Being.” Eckhart Tolle
Our deepest, heartfelt desires are like the stars in a constellation…brilliant twinkling lights that show us the way and create pathways to our true destiny. Our Leo energy guides us back to our spiritual blueprint, our unique expression of the divine and the special role we each elected to play at this momentous time on Planet Earth. Where the New Moon at 1 degree Leo falls in our charts the cosmic curtain is rising for us to express our light. We are called upon to share our creative gifts to help further the evolution of humanity. In this area of life we are to develop our qualities of creativity, courage and leadership and to take charge of our lives. Mercury conjoins the North Node in Leo indicating our evolutionary path forward, to think, act and speak from our hearts in order to fulfill our dharma. We are reminded that:
“When you don’t follow your nature, there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.” Dane Rudhyar

The Sun, Moon and Mars in Leo are in trine (120 degrees) aspect to Chiron in Pisces, sparking the healing power of love (Leo) and compassion (Pisces) to heal our wounds, personally and globally. As we are able to dissolve the barriers that divide us we recognize our interconnectedness with all people and all life. The conjunction of Sun and Mars suggests that any issues of domination, power and control, the negative qualities of Mars and the masculine principle, are now being absorbed and transmuted by the powerful Sun’s rays in order for a rebirth of the sacred masculine principle (positive Mars) to take place. Our proactive Martian power of assertion is to be used toward the expression of our I AM Self. We become spiritual pioneers unfolding our spiritual purpose (Sun). Thus we do our part to bring into balance the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine, contributing to a spiritual rebirth of Planet Earth.
The Sabian symbol for the New Moon at 1 degree Leo: “A case of apoplexy.”
This symbol suggests the urgent need to safely bring into the light our repressed wounds and negative emotions for healing to take place, personally and globally. It is important to find productive and healthy ways to release stress in these turbulent times.
“When anger rises, think of the consequences.” Confucius
Pluto in Capricorn continues to point the way forward to help us find a light at the end of the dark tunnel of turmoil and reprisals. The Lord of the Underworld urges us to be mindful of our deepest motivations. Extreme times force us to clarify what we stand for. Pluto gives us the strength to feel the fears and to move forward anyway, by having the courage to bring them into the light of our consciousness for healing to take place. The crushing feeling of a disappearing dimension in our lives may sometimes feel more than we can withstand. Yet as we turn to our inner spirit, the spark of love in our hearts (Leo) and join with our brothers and sisters in the Light, we can move forward together into the Golden Age.
“The stage is set for humanity to finally move into the one heart….We have turned the corner toward a bright New Age.” Aluna Joy
Heather Threlfall – July 2017 – astro_dynamics1@
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To another heart centered Mary Magdalene Feast Day dear Ones ✡️Peace be with us All 🌹 ... See MoreSee Less

Happy happy happy Mary Magdalene Feast Day Family of Light🌹May you always see through the eyes of your Soul which only sees Love. My prayer wish for all of us 🌈 We Are One💚 your sister in the...

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New moon video will be uploaded today 🌹in the meantime have a heart-centered gentle day ✡️ as we find ourselves navigating the dark moon phase of letting go-surrendering the old to make space for the new and true. Amen and blessed bee 🐝!

Join in the Peace Movement Awakening the Magdalene tomorrow. For details click the following link and share

Heaven on Earth at Chalice Well Gardens 🌈

Mother Goddess Blessings
Gaia Earth Star
"Birthing the New Earth"
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Hello beautiful Ones,
We are navigating the Mars in cancer trine Pisces Moon with Chiron conjunction to the Moon. Did we say "sensitive"?! Please be extra gentle and loving to self. Soul healing and empowerment in action ✡️

Sharing with you magnificent flowers from the blossoming Magdalene Chapel where we will gather on her feast day at 2pm. See details here if you feel like joining us or host your own Peace Event on that day where you are 🌸 a powerful time to unite our hearts and prayers as ONE family 💖

With Love
Gaia Earth Star
"Birthing the New Earth"
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I feel it is going to be a memorable day of Peace and Unity <222 It is my prayer that you will join us in the Heart of Mother Earth, Glastonbury, Isle of Avalon or will organize your own Peace Day Event on Mary Magdalene Feast Day. Please pass this invitation along <555

With Love and Grace

Gaia Earth Star
"Birthing the New Earth"
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Movement for Peace Glastonbury, England

July 22, 2017, 2:00pm - July 22, 2017, 10:00am

This is part of a global event. Over 30 locations in 6 countries and climbing. Walk the Labyrinth for World Peace. Coming together in a peaceful movement expressing the divine will raise awareness and...

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Slug and Snail medicine after an abundance of rain 😊 happy Mother Earth 🌏 as I said in my latest video transmission: slow is the new fast. Slug are also a symbol of the divine feminine, power of intuition and grace. I just told the ones on the arugula, leave me some 😉 I love arugula! 💜 we are abundant and there is plenty for us all 💖

Have a blessed day or evening-night wherever you might be on Mother Gaia 🌈
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This flower just bloomed in the garden at the house this morning. She reminds me of how resilient life is 💖 isn't she beautiful? Standing tall in her beauty yet softly. Wishing you all a blessed and restful moonday, the day of the Moon 🌸 ... See MoreSee Less

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Blessed Full Moon my sisters and brothers. Soul nurturing and self care vibrations. Fruity and raw chocolate breakfast, Lovely afternoon in Avalon, detoxifying with an Epsom salt Goddess Bath, restorative yoga session, silent meditation and happy bee me will have a restful night sleep.
Soul reflection of this Full Moon: know what you need soulfully and give it to yourself wholeheartedly ✡️❤️💖💜

Blessed bee 🐝

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Gaia Earth Star is a Clear Light Pleiadian Goddess Magdalene Oracle-Spiritual-Vessel of Mother Goddess, Source Consciousness sent to Earth along countless Earth Angels to assist the Historical Galactic Shift of the Age unto 5D Consciousness where all humans have the opportunity to awaken and embody their I AM presence in physicality, assisting the co-creation of Heaven on Earth, the Sixth Golden Age of Living in Thy Sacred Heart. Her Devotion and greatest joy and honor is to serve the ONE COSMIC Heart of Mother Goddess, The Great Mystery awakening within ALL, sharing Magdalene Wisdom Teachings, Healing Light Transmissions and her Soul Songs and Sounds, assisting the Ascension of all her Sisters and Brothers to the NEW EARTH where our Oneness is remembered and honored. 

“I see you Blossom as the Magnificent Being of Light that you are!” – Gaia Earth Star

 Gaia also loves to inspire and assist souls on Earth in aligning with their unique soul purpose in those times of Ascension, facilitating 5D Activations through her Soul Readings, Goddess Empowerments and New Earth Events to assist them in taking a quantum leap to experience true happiness and inner peace, exploring and manifesting their creative potential, living their Soul Dream on the NEW EARTH!

Her sessions-activations are deeply healing, unconditionally loving and undoubtedly empowering. Gaia works closely and intimately with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings and Earth Energies.

Gaia gracefully embodies the Goddess energy; she is a channel of Mother Goddess, the vibration of compassion, devotion, timeless wisdom and unconditional love also known as the Magdalene, the essence of the

Sixth Golden Aquarian Age.

“Remembering we are One”